Seven HServices

Services Provided


· Accounts Payable

o Job Costing

o 1099’s

o 945’s


· Accounts Receivable

o Invoicing / Billing

o Statements

o Collections


· Payroll

o Processing

o Tax Deposits

o Quarterly and Yearly Reporting

o New Hire Reporting

o W-2’s


· Sales Tax Reporting


· General Accounting

o Bank and Credit Card Account Reconciliation

o General Ledger Reconciliation

o Worker’s Compensation Reporting

o Annual Preparation of Records for Income Tax Specialist


· Financial Reporting

o Profit and Loss Statements

o Balance Sheets

o Payable and Receivable Aging

o Custom Reporting

What We Do

Seven H Services provides out-sourced accounting and business solutions….when you need it.  We specialize in financial accounting management and we want to ease the burden and stress on you from the financial end of your business. 



We have more than eighteen years of accounting experience with a variety of business types, from small start-ups, to mid-size corporations.



We will bring you up to date AND keep you on top of your finances.


Custom Service

If you need to establish and design, redesign, or enhance your accounting system, we can make it happen easily and professionally.  We mold our personalized services to meet your business needs.



We conduct a preliminary Needs Assessment with all our clients to determine the scope and nature of their requests and tailor our services to best meet the goals and budget presented.


The ultimate goal is to provide you with optimal tax and financial reporting, leading to lower CPA bills, tax preparation costs, and a streamlined process for your business accounting and bookkeeping.


Whether you need to:

· Design your accounting system from scratch

· Convert from a manual system

· Convert from alternative accounting software such as Quicken to QuickBooks

· Or simply enhance your current accounting system


We can save a considerable amount of time and money by restructuring your bookkeeping system and creating maximum efficiency in the maintenance of your accounting records.


Outsource your accounting needs to Seven H Services. Contact us today and make your financial headaches go away.